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November e-News from Jeffreys Books

You've been asking and now we can confirm that our VIP Shopping days are next week. 

Jeffreys Books VIP Club Sale
20% off - 2 days only
Tuesday 20 November & Wednesday 21 November
9am to 8pm

20% off applies to full-priced stock only
Includes in-store books, cards and stationery
Excludes special orders and vouchers
Please note, rewards points will not accrue and we are unable to offer gift wrap on these days.

To help you prepare please see these links to our catalogue of Summer Reads and the Kids' Reading Guide. Some titles will be December releases, but if it's in-store it's 20% off for 2 days only.

We're also very pleased to introduce Georgia to the Jeffreys team. She comes to Jeffreys with a background in the book industry, literature studies and needless to say, a love of books and reading. See below for her pick for backlist book of the month. Please come in and say 'Hi'.

Happy reading,
Linda and all the team at Jeffreys Books

Backlist Book of the Month: The Shark Net - Robert Drewe
Georgia's quote: 
As a child, Robert Drewe ran wild around the beaches and suburbs of isolated Perth, Western Australia. But then a man he knew violently murdered a boy he also knew, and innocent Perth, and Robert, were changed forever. Before I read The Shark Net, I never knew that non-fiction could have such vibrant, evocative storytelling. The tension is palpable and the writing electric: you feel the sunburn crackling on Robert's shoulders, the sand between his toes, the undercurrent of fear and doubt running through the city. The imagery of the lions roaring in Perth Zoo, heard across the water in little Robert's bedroom as the city lights are turned out and a murderer is on the loose, will stay with me forever. A remarkable coming of age from one of Australia's most beloved storytellers set against a backdrop of true terror and tension. 


Last Tuesday Book Club (Fiction)
The Children's House - Alice Nelson
Marina and her husband, Jacob, were each born on a kibbutz in Israel. They meet years later at a university in California, when Jacob is a successful psychiatrist with a young son, Ben, from a disastrous marriage. The family moves to a brownstone in Harlem, formerly a convent inhabited by elderly nuns.
Outside the house one day Marina encounters Constance, a young refugee from Rwanda, and her toddler, Gabriel. Unmoored and devastated, Constance and Gabriel quickly come to depend on Marina; and her bond with the little boy intensifies.
The pure, blinding love that it is possible to feel for children not our own is the thread that weaves through The Children's House. When Marina learns some disturbing news about her long-disappeared mother, Gizela, she leaves New York in search of the loose ends of her life. As Christmas nears, her tight-knit, loving family, along with Constance and Gabriel, join Marina in her mother's former home, with a startling consequence, an act that will transform all of their lives forever.
Tuesday 27 November at 7pm. Contact us to reserve your place on 9509 5133.

Connection Book Club (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Lambs of God - Marelle Day
The classic and bestselling Australian novel, soon to be a major TV miniseries. The flock of nuns and the flock of sheep had been together for so long that the sheep, if they had enough brains to consider the matter at all, thought of the nuns as part of the flock rather than shepherds. For Iphigenia, Margarita and Carla, the crumbling monastery they live in is their whole world. They have their daily routines and at their nightly knitting circle, they tell stories - stitching into their work fairy tales and myth. Whatever exists beyond their island home is forgotten. That is until the day Father Ignatius arrives, intent on transforming their forgotten paradise into a luxury resort, complete with a helipad and marina. In an attempt to protect their peaceful existence, the Sisters find themselves willing to do almost anything to save their beloved home... 'Lush and quirky, full of tangled stories, richly comic events and deep symbolism.' - Courier Mail.
Tuesday 27 November at 10.30am. Contact us to reserve your place on 9509 5133.

Crime Time Book Club
Death in the Dordogne - Martin Walker

Market day in the ancient town of St Denis in south-west France. EU hygiene inspectors have been swooping on France's markets, while the locals hide contraband cheese in their houses and call the Brussels bureaucrats 'Gestapo'. Police Captain Bruno Courreges supports their resistance. Although, here in what was once Vichy France, words like 'Gestapo' and 'resistance' still carry a profound resonance.
When an old man, head of an immigrant North African family, is found murdered, suspicion falls on the son of the local doctor.
Thursday 29 November at 6.30pm. Contact us to reserve your place.

Dear Uncle Jeffrey,
It's nanowrimo (editor note: National Novel Writing Month) and I have writer's block. Seriously. How can it be? I've committed to writing a novel this month of 50,000 words and suddenly I'm gripped by inertia. You don't know me, but usually I can talk the leg off a dog and have no problems translating this to the written word. We're half way through the month and I have a waste paper basket of discarded words. And that's all (well, apart from this letter).
Yours blankly,

Dear Michael,
You poor pet. It seems to me that there are two ways that writers find their words. One is by deliberate planning. The other is by ardently avoiding the page. I think you need to resort to the second option. Take a walk, see a movie or sit in a cafe and read. 
And be assured, you are in good company. Many a great writer has mentioned this affliction at times. Markus Zusak has just released Bridge of Clay. It's been 13 years since he wrote The Book Thief and some will say that's writer's block. I think he was just finessing his words. And you'll discover that John Boyne's A Ladder to the Sky is a friendship between an accomplished writer and a novice and includes the theme of searching for an idea for a novel. And then there is Lee Child, the prolific author, who is on the record for mentioning his writer's block and he has put out a cracker of a read for this summer, Past Tense
Yours sincerely,
Uncle Jeffrey

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